Australia - Contributory Parent VISA

173 / 143 - Contributory Parent

The Contributory Parent visa allows Australian resident children to sponsor their overseas parents for permanent residency in Australia. This particular parent visa is processed more quickly than the Parent/Aged Parent visas; on average between 12-18 months.

For the Contributory Parent Visas the applicant pays a much higher premium in visa application charges to the Australian Government plus a financial bond (the bond is refundable after 10 years).

There is no points test for this visa.

Main Criteria

The Contributory Parent Visa is termed an 'off-shore' visa which means that you can apply for it while you are onshore in Australia (providing certain restrictions do not apply to you such as a "no further stay" condition on your current visa) and you can stay in Australia for as long as your current visa lasts. However, if your current visa runs out before your Contributory Parent visa is granted then you will have to leave Australia until it has been granted.

The main criteria for a Contributory Parent Visa (CPV) are;

  1. You must meet the Balance of Family test whereby the majority of your children must be lawfully and permanently resident in Australia.
  2. You must be the parent of a child who is a settled Australian citizen or settled permanent resident and who is willing and able to sponsor your application;
  3. Your sponsor must be approved (their application is lodged at the same time as yours);
  4. You and your partner must both meet health, public interest, special return and character requirements.
  5. You will also be required to provide an Assurance of Support (mandatory).
  6. You will be required to pay the Visa Application Charge(s).

You can apply for these visas either;

a) You apply immediately for a permanent visa; OR

b) Through a two-stage process whereby you apply for a temporary visa and then during the two year validity period of the temporary visa you apply for the permanent residency visa.

The main difference is that the two-stage option allows you to spread the costs over a two year period but you remain a temporary resident until the final fee is paid.